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Non-pressure stainless steel solar water heater
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The principle
The series solar water heaters employ the natural convection phenomenon called "thermosyphon", which results in hot water being lighter than coldwater. The water heated in the tubes rises through the solar collector to enter the storage tank, while the cold water at the bottom of the tank flows into the tubes, creating continuous circulation. The convection flow will continue as long as the sun is heating the collector.

The Features and Benefits
1. The design of this type uses the highly-efficient all-glass evacuated solar collector tubes as the heat-absorb element.
2. Cheap solution, high reliability, Simple structure, good insulation, Easy plug-in installation.
3. Operation without any power supply, suitable for electricity outage and electric pump breakdown.
4. Large-scale solar water heating system consists of more than one set, Could be installed using parallel and/or series connections.
5. Hot water can be used directly for, or can be used as pre-heat.
6. Can be cooperated with oil/gas-burning boiler or heat pump system.
7. Optional accessories: Electric backup heater, Intelligent controller, Magnesium rod and automatic filling valve.
8. Application areas: Houses; restaurants; hotels; hospitals.


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